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Today’s architecture has fully understood and it now places performance and quality of life on an equal footing. Installed since 2017 in this building with organic curves, the HQs of Danone Africa and Blédina punctuate their business with breathing in this curvilinear space, open to exchange and communication, with a campus workspace spirit.
A feat recognized by the 2017 Grand Prix Simi, in the new office building over 5,000m2 category.



Fluid and harmonious. These adjectives apply as much to the graceful curves of this immaculate building as to the working atmosphere that reigns. The agency Soho Atlas and the real estate developer DCB International wanted a building that integrates into the urban landscape while rethinking offices as innovative, tailor-made spaces.

Combining work and quality of life

Combining work and quality of life

With its aquatic lines and its mezzanine undulating over two levels and looking onto an atrium crossed by a spectacular skylight, the Linux sweeps away the boring old cliché of office life.

By imagining the space as a place for meeting, conviviality and collaboration, the Lyon architects integrated into their approach a reflection that is as esthetic as it is social. They have thus succeeded in making a dream come true: that of marrying quality of life and optimization of work.

Equally eco-responsible, the building favors natural light which filters through its vast glass roof and blends harmoniously with the gardens it surrounds. Gone are the dingy meeting rooms and enclosed spaces! Here, on the contrary, this new-order company HQ building fosters a dialog between interior and exterior with its 1,300m2 of terraces and walkways. Freer, more open and more flexible, the Linux encourages exchange and creativity, with both formal and informal spaces, adapted to the specific needs of employees.

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Torneira eletrónica de lavatório BINOPTIC MIX - Ref. 379MCH

Créditos Fotografia : Guillaume Perret